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 So what is this all about???
Well for a few years A very close friend of mine and I have been going to
The Southbank Riverwalk for various functions and also for dinner and
relaxation.  It seemed that the Fountain was off far more then it was on??
I really didn't know who to call about it and if I did, I seriously doubted
that it would do any good.  So, I decided to create these pages in a hope that they would get some action.  The first page I created showed the fountain OFF and contained the E-mail addresses of many of the City Politicians and City Appointees as well as Media.
Well as you can see from the Information contained below, it WORKED!!
Let's Hope We Don't See This Again!!!
The original Fountain Off Picture

Update !
Sunday November 29, 1998
Up to now the only response I have received from any Official sources
have been from   Jim Overton  -   Jim Tullis  -   Howard Dale
(all of which have responded positively that they were going
to try and look into this matter)
So I was pleasantly surprised when I went to read
Ed Stansel's Web Watch column in the Times Union
and found that he mentioned this page in today's column.
You can Read it HERE
not to mention you ought to bookmark it and read it daily!
He usually has some web sites mentioned that are worth the visit.
I hope that this may start a little attention flowing towards
this subject. Speaking of flowing I have put an off
switch for the "soothing sounds" on this page.

Update !!!!! WOW !!!!!
Received at 1:13pm EST Sunday 11/29/98
From: Bob Baughman
Chief of Park Maintenance

           " Subject:  Fountain
            Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 13:05:40 EST

Thanks for bringing attention to one of Jacksonville's public assets. Due to
many of the recent requests, we have changed the hours of operation of the
fountain. The Southbank Riverwalk fountains hours are now Sunday through
Saturday from 8:00am until 10:00pm, unless of course we have a city sponsored
special event.  During the times of special events the fountain is scheduled
to be operational 1 hour past the event or 10:00pm whichever is the latest.
Hope these new enhanced hours will bring increase customer satisfaction.
The fountain in your first picture shows only two of the three rings in
operation. This limited operation is because the third electric pump is being
repaired. These are, as you know the original pumps installed over 30 years
ago. From time to time we experience mechanical problems.
I hope this answers your comments, but if you need additional information
please contact me at"

History and Information about
Friendship Fountain
Bob Baughman was kind enough to provide some information that
he has found concerning Friendship Fountain.

WOW Folks, a lot of information, but one thing is clear
Today's hours are BETTER !!!

Well Everyone, This was a very pleasant surprise to receive so quickly
Note the hours of operation.
If you see that the fountain is not operating
during these hours please notify the mailing list or me!
I plan on keeping this page up for a long time to come and add
BETTER pictures of OUR Fountain in FULL Operation
as soon as I can ???

I want to thank any and all who contributed to this effort.
Those that sent E-mail to City Officials.
Jim Tullis, Jim Overton and Howard Dale, for their interest.
And above all else Ed Stansel,
for his mention in the Times Union,
without which I don't think we would have received
such a quick response for the Parks Department.
And Bob Baughman for his quick response and
information that he has provided us.

Follow Up
By Ed Stansel of the Times Union.
On 2 December 1998 in the Web Watch Column,
Best Bets on the Net.
Read it HERE
I also would like to thank a friend of mine for this
Letter to the Editor
published Saturday 5 December 1998
in The Times Union


 Hours increased for fountain

    Thanks to Bob Johnson, a longtime Jacksonville resident, for encouraging
      city officials to increase the hours of operation of the fountain in Friendship Park.

       Through use of his Web site, he has rallied community effort that has resulted
         in an increase of hours. The Friendship Park fountain will be running from 8
        a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Saturday. If there is a special event, the
   hours will be modified to accommodate.

    Thanks to his efforts, many more people will be able to enjoy the fountain for
     more hours each day. I, for one, will be enjoying the view.

   E.L. GAAL

So based on the good faith of Bob Baughman,
I have removed all the E-mail addresses that were
posted and will instead try to post additional photos
and information about "Friendship Fountain"
So keep visiting and learn more about one of the
Beautiful and Scenic areas of Jacksonville.

I received an E-mail from the Mayor, John Delaney
on Monday, 12/7/98.  It was extremely pleasant and basically he thanked me for
profiling one of Jacksonville's assets and he also mentioned that
the E-address for the Mayor's Action Office was fixed. (The Mayor's Action Office)

Ok so now you want to know who I am?
Well I am just a little guy out there who happens
to have the ability to create web pages and this thing with
the Fountain has been driving me nuts for years!!!
Maybe, just maybe, the little guy, or girl,
can make a difference ????

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