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"The South Bank RiverWalk"

Friendship Fountain Park is located on "The South Bank RiverWalk", a sprawling mostly wooden walkway, that is adjacent to the St. Johns River in Downtown Jacksonville.  The RiverWalk is a favorite place to spend some relaxing moments, enjoying the peace and quiet of the river.  It is also home to many festivals sponsored by the City of Jacksonville.  We have put together a virtual tour of the RiverWalk, that takes you for a walk down the entire length of the RiverWalk.  We hope you enjoy your tour.  Just click on the link to the "Virtual Tour" of The South Bank RiverWalk", located below.  Then just sit back and relax and watch the show.
The layout of the South Bank River Walk !

Virtual Tour of The 
SouthBank RiverWalk
Click on the Above Link to start.
by Bob Johnson's

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Our experience has been that the show opens within a few seconds. when connected through a 56k modem. 

Enjoy your visit.

If you experience difficulty in viewing the Virtual Tour.  Please send a detailed e-mail to and we will attempt to assist you.  This includes problems with downloading or installing RealPlayer™
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