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 Refurbishing the Fountain.

The City of Jacksonville, recently passed an issue that sets aside
some money for upgrading some of our parks, as well as aquiring new ones.
A large piece of this, approximately $1,000,000.00 is for the Fountain.
Visit the City's Preservation Project Pages.
City of Jacksonville's  Preservation Project

Proposed by Mayor John Delaney, January 1999

Click here for construction photos.

The first stage is starting on Sunday, 31 October 1999.
During an approximate 2 week period, the Fountain will be shut down
and drained.  An engineering consultant will examine every aspect
of the Fountain and determine what requires replacement. The consultant
is Wayne C. Kelly, P.E.  of M.V. Cummings Engineers Inc.
located at 6501 Arlington Expressway # B211, Jacksonville, FL 32211

Bob Baughman, Chief of Parks Maintenance says that,
with a little luck, the Fountain will be up and running by the next
Jaguar Home Game.  The actual construction and repairs will not begin
until after the last home game of the season. Bob also said that
the refurbishment and repair will include the surrounding walkway and
he says that the final project will be "Impressive".

Once again thanks to the Parks Department  and Bob, for the information
and the determination, on the City's part, to make sure that the
Fountain will be a Center Piece of the Southbank.  This project will
ensure that the Fountain is Operating properly for the years to come, and
that visitors to the Fountain will experience a breathtaking view.

I will be updating this page as often as new information
is available, Click on the picture for more pictures and information!
Click on the Picture for More Pictures and Information.
Click on the Picture for more pictures and information.

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