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 Bob Baughman, the Chief of Parks Maintenance took some time out of his busy schedule to meet with me at "Friendship Fountain".
He explained the operation of the fountain as well as introduced me to some of his staff.  Mark Daniels, Chief Electrician,  was there working on the the relay's that operate the center ring.  Mark and his crew were successful in getting the center ring operating, but had to borrow a part from the middle ring operating controls in order to
see if it would work. As you can see it did and
as of Monday afternoon the full Fountain was back in operation.

The center ring of water !The fountain is awesome at night

Bob and his staff were extremely helpful and allowed me to take some pictures
This is where the pumps and controls are located!of the pump house and pumps that operate "Friendship Fountain".Don't be fooled, each of these pumps are larger than a man!
This is the control panel that is used to monitor and to a certain degree controlMain Control Panel
the fountain operations. Some of the functions are no longer operable.  Bob and his staff are doing all they can with the fountain, considering that there are no plans, instructions or anyone left that was familiar with the full operation of the fountain.

Plague mounted in center of Control PanelThis is the plaque that is mounted on 
the center of the control panel, notice the dates. 
March 1965 was apparently the official operating 
start of the fountain, and it was re-furbished in Dec of 1985. 
It may be time for some additional work on the fountain 
as well as the surrounding park???

Bob Baughman and his parks staff have 292 parks, 
consisting of over 4500 acres of land, as well as 
32 public swimming pools to maintain and improve. 
Theirs is an extremely difficult job.  We can all help, 
by not littering and respecting the park property for what 
it is, it's OUR property and I am sure you don't throw styrofoam cups 
and paper on the ground in YOUR backyard??
Treat our parks with respect and they will be the source of entertainment and many pleasant memories for MANY in the years to come! And remember it never hurts to call and let them know if you particularly enjoyed something in one of the parks as well as if there is a problem.
For more information regarding OUR parks, GO HERE

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