July 4th, 1999
Friendship Fountain
On the St. John's River, Jacksonville, Florida
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The night was alive with people of all ages.  You could hear the excitement in
the children's voices as they waited for the Fireworks to begin.
Here is the view of the Fountain, just before the Fireworks began.

People from all walks of life, together at Friendship Fountain

Click for Full Size Picture.The Show began, with the pop of the 
first launch, the crowd got quiet and 
all faces were turned skyward.
Fireworks were being shot off the 
barge in the middle of the river
as well as a second barge north 
of the Main Street Bridge.


Click for Full Size Picture.
The incredible view of the reflection
in the face of the Modis Building
was unbelievable.
I found myself almost hypnotized by the view.

After a Booming Finale, featuring hundreds of 
rapid fire shots, the crowd
started cheering and clapping. The boats 
started blowing their horns and sirens and
it was time to go home, with some great memories.
Click for Full Size Picture.Click for Full Size Picture.

Click for Full Size Picture.

Click for Full Size Picture.Click for Full Size Picture.

The Fireworks were incredible !

All photos by Wolfstalks.
Feel Free to copy/use any photos on this page.

Click Here to see the Times-Union Fireworks Photo Gallery


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